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☞ Conducting a Orchestra


Industrial System Engineering is a study about method to conduct and control all fields which compose industrial system. Industrial System Engineering is a conductor who conducts a orchestra, a supervisor who puts position of baseball players wearing uniforms and lineup in the right position and a commander who conducts corps and steers them to victory.


The roles of these people is not to perform in person, to hit a home run, to write articles and to shoot a gun and a cannon, but is to make many people’s performance beautiful, to make the game win, to make the newspaper fruitful and readable and to make the system conducted wonderful. In other words, it is not to make products or services in person in the frame of the industry but can make it good by tuning, arranging and conducting. Thus, it is not too much to say that there is not a field as challenging as the study of Industrial System Engineering to people who think our society, products and services have room for improvement.




☞ Seeing trees and forest at the same time


Industrial system is a organic compound which human, resource, machine equipment, money, information mingle and is made. The compound also changes very fast because the elements of the compound changes very fast according to technology level of the day and development of surrounding environment. Under the rapidly changing technology environment, the goal of Industrial System Engineering is to perform tasks in a better method than the present and to improve the system efficiently.


For this, it is the study which deals with planning, installation and improvement of system by fostering engineering students who have discrimination to see trees and forest together to support various decision making about whole system knowledge about each component of a complicated system. Based on this ability, we not only make costs reduced efficiently for companies also provide opportunity to buy products cheaply for consumers.


There are two differences between Industrial System Engineering and other fields of engineering. First one is that other engineering fields are applied for limited fields but Industrial System Engineering provides opportunities to work in various fields and derives optimal condition by managing each limited field in a general aspect. Another is that Industrial System Engineering puts stress on people’s role in the complex system and places emphasis on making the profits of system improvement go to people. That is, improving the quality of life in our daily life is the first priority.



☞ Leading all high-tech fields


Industrial System Engineering is applied for various fields depending on choice. We can find the applied area over almost all fields related to daily life such as production and manufacturing industries, transportation and distribution company, hospital management, the auto industry, financial institutions, wholesale and retail trade, information systems, communication systems.


In addition, it is possible to go into the fields such as consulting, city planning, defense industry. Thus, the tasks of industrial system engineering students are extensive regardless of manufacturing business and service industry. Recently, entering the fields of marketing, finance and human resources increase gradually. Prominent enterprises in the world such as Coca-Cola, UPS, Disney, IBM, Nike, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, Boeing pursue improvement of system by employing talented people who majored Industrial System Engineering. Furthermore, industrial engineering students are actively entering almost all fields including hospitals, airlines, banks, railway companies.